Become One of the Superstars of PKR

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Everybody wants to prove that they’re the top player at their poker site, and PKR Poker actually gives players a chance to do this through the Superstars of Poker.The Superstars of Poker is an elite invitational event that’s held every month, and only those who’ve won a headliner poker tournament like the Omaha Open or PKR Open will receive an invitation. Assuming you are able to win one a prestigious tourney, you’ll receive an email from the PKR staff inviting you to play poker in the aforementioned event.

Once you receive an invitation, you have the option to accept it, and buy into the Superstars tournament for $27.50; remember that you can earn 30% rakeback on this buy-in too! Those who do buy into the tournament will not only compete for the prize pool generated by the players, but also for the added prizes that PKR puts into the event. PKR’s portion of the prize pool changes every month, so it could be $2,000 in added cash one month, or 10 X $165 seats to the PKR Live final stage.

One last thing to keep in mind about qualifying for the Superstars tournament is that once you’ve won a major online poker tournament here, you’ll be eligible for all of the Superstars events in the future. This being said, here is a look at the qualifying tournaments that are offered:

  • PKR Masters
  • Grand Prix
  • Gold Rush
  • PKR Open
  • PKR Open Bounty
  • Monte Carlo
  • Omaha Open
  • Mini Masters
  • High Roller
  • Sunday Open
  • Club PKR Money Added
  • The Prestige
  • Primetime
  • Aussie Open
  • Canadian Open
  • PKR Live tournaments
  • Late Night
  • Any festival tournament (Xmas Cracker series, Super Series, Springfest, etc.)
  • Mini Primetime
  • The Main Event

Tip of the Day: While winning a big tournament at PKR or any other internet poker room is great, keep in mind that your goals should be centered on moving up gradually. For example, if you’ve never cashed in a multi-table tournament before, your play should be based on surviving the bubble and earning that first cash. Once you are a successful tournament player with lots of cashes under your belt, then setting goals to win tourneys is totally fine.

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