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With the advent of poker training videos, most players are using their Harrington on Hold’em poker books as door stoppers or fire kindling. That’s because training videos feature top online poker pros teaching other players specifically how to play well online. And while you normally have to pay a membership fee to watch these videos, Black Chip Poker is giving players an opportunity to gain access to DragTheBar videos absolutely free.

To get your first month at DragTheBar absolutely free, you need to sign up at Black Chip and earn 10 VIP points on the poker tables. If you think that the DragTheBar videos are really helpful, you can retain the free membership by raking $500 in each subsequent month. And remember that you can also earn 35% rakeback at Black Chip along with the free poker training.

As you generate rake at Black Chip, you’ll also receive VIP points, which are used to advance up the VIP program levels at Black Chip. There are five levels in all (White, Red, Blue, Green and Black), and you receive bigger rewards every time you move up a level.
For example, at the entry White level, you receive a $5 bonus for every 1,000 VIP points earned, and you can exchange your points for cash at $10 per 1,000 points ($15 bonus total). But when you move up to the Red level, you receive an automatic $50 cash bonus and a $7.50 bonus for every 1,000 points collected (exchange rate stays at $10 per 1,000 points for this level).

What’s nice about moving up the levels at Black Chip is that this is based on how many points you’ve collected all-time, rather than how many you collect each month. Taking the Red level for instance, you would move from White to Red as soon as you earned 5,000 points all-time. So even if you have a lot going on during a certain month and can’t play poker much, you can just pick up where you left off the following month.

Tip of the Day: While poker training videos usually cost money, you can shave months off of the time that it would take to learn certain concepts and strategies by watching these videos. Plus it helps to have a visual to look at since the instructor is doing their demonstrating at an online poker room.

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