Play the Pros at BlackChip Poker

Posted on by RTR Rachel

There’s nothing sweeter than being able to send professional online poker players to the rail. And BlackChip Poker is giving people the opportunity to revel in this experience again and again with their “Play the Pros” promotion.

They offer various freerolls and heads-up matches with the BlackChip pros, and you can earn numerous bounties and other prizes by eliminating these players from the tournaments. The BlackChip pros include Owen “Qtip” Gaines, “Xorc1st,” “reasons14” and “DiscGolf01,” and you’ll be trying to knock them out of the following events:

– Play the Pros Freerolls: these tournaments happen every Saturday, and there will be a $10 bounty on any pro who decides to play poker in this event. Also, the top 5 players from these freerolls move on to the Final (discussed later).

– Play the Pros Heads-Up: these HU matches run on Thursday, and the buy-in is $20 + $2. You can earn $10 for knocking a pro out of one of these poker games, while winning a single HU match will earn you a spot in the Final.

– Play the Pros Final: the buy-in for this poker tournament is $15 for non-qualifiers, and players are competing for a $300 prize pool + buy-ins. The winner of this event will also receive a free 1-hour training session with Gaines.

In addition to all of the bounty and prize pool money that can be made in these events, keep in mind that anybody who eliminates Gaines from a tourney will receive a copy of his book “Poker Math that Matters”. And here’s something that matters even more than the book: you can get 35% rakeback by signing up at BlackChip Poker through a deal. And when you couple this with the interesting Play the Pros promotion that the site is running, BlackChip is a pretty attractive place to play right now.

Tip of the Day: If you’re in a heads-up match with a maniac who keeps shoving every poker hand, refer to the Nash Equilibrium. The Nash Equilibrium chart shows players when to call or shove HU based on game theory, and it negates any advantage that an overly-aggressive HU player may have.

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