Win Amazing Mediterranean Vacation through Everest Poker

Posted on by RTR Rachel

For most people, summer means sitting on their humid back porch and watching squirrels play in the yard, all while sipping a poorly mixed cocktail. But for Everest Poker players, the summer could mean a Mediterranean vacation spent in paradise, where exciting water sports, beautiful beaches, and an exciting nightlife awaits.

Currently, Everest is giving online poker players an opportunity to win a trip to Club Med Kremer, which is nestled in Antalya on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. This ultimate trip puts the promotion’s lucky winner at the foot of the breathtaking Taurus Mountains for five nights. And as mentioned before, there will be lots of beach action and other fun activities involved in this vacation.

If you’re wondering how to win the promotion, all you need to do is sign up for Everest Poker, and enter the bonus code KEMER2011 before June 30th. The last step is to deposit a total of $50 into this online poker room by July 14th. And the $50 doesn’t even have to be deposited all at once; just make sure that you have accumulated $50 in deposits by the middle of July.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be entered into a drawing where the Mediterranean vacation for four is given away. And even if you don’t win the trip, there are plenty of other great prizes given away through this promo. Some of the other prizes include an Xbox 360, Sony PSP Go and a Nintendo Wii Resort Sport Pack.

Assuming you stick around to play poker at Everest after the drawing, you should check out their $50,000 Guaranteed poker tournament. You can either buy directly into the tournament for $100 + $9, or you can play in the numerous satellites they offer, including some as cheap as $1.50 + $0.15 and $11 + $1.

Tip of the Day: A large part of how you play in poker tournaments should be based on your stack size. And if your stack falls below 10 big blinds, you need to play much more aggressively in order to stay alive.

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