Win Casinos Austria Poker Tour Seats at Fortune Poker

Posted on by RTR Rachel

The Casinos Austria Poker Tour is one of the newest and most interesting casino poker organizations in the world. And right now, you can win a free seat to a CAPT poker tournament by playing at Fortune Poker, with the best part being that you get to choose what event you play.

The three different events you can choose from include the following:
– CAPT Velden on July 17th, 2011, and the Main Event buy-in is €2,000- CAPT Kitzbühel on August 24th, 2011, and the Main Event buy-in is €2,000- CAPT Baden Baden in October, 2011, and the details are TBA

The prize packages Fortune Poker is offering are worth €3,000, and they cover the €2k Main Event buy-in, along with €1k left over for hotel and travel expenses. And as mentioned before, if you win one of the prize packages, you’ll get to pick your tournament destination.

To get one of the prizes, you need to play in satellites and qualifiers where CAPT packages are offered. Here is a look at the different CAPT satellites currently running at Fortune Poker:

– €300 + €20 main satellite, runs once every four weeks, and the first one takes place on May 22nd.

– €3 + €0.30 daily satellites, run all day, and the top players move on to the €32 + €3 satellite. – €5 + €0.50 daily satellites, run all day, and the winners move on to the €32 + €3 satellite.

– €32 + €3 satellite at 18:30 GMT, runs every Sunday, and the top players move on to the €300 + €20 main qualifier.

One important thing to note in all of this is that you can earn 30% rakeback by playing in Fortune Poker’s CAPT satellites. And this will definitely help you if you decide to play for the prize packages.

Tip of the Day: Anytime you make a bet, you need to ask yourself why the bet is being made. Do you have the top hand and you’re betting for value? Are you trying to protect a vulnerable hand, while making a drawing hand pay to see additional cards? In short, make sure that every bet has a purpose.

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