BlackChip Rakeback Offer ending June 1st

Posted on by RTR Rachel

As we reported earlier in the week with Carbon Poker, the MergeGaming network is effectively ending their 35% rakeback offer to new players on June 1st. And since BlackChip Poker is under the Merge network, this means that their rakeback deal will be gone as well. So if there is even an inkling in you that wants to play poker at BlackChip, now is definitely the time to do it.

Not only will you get the 35% rakeback offer before it expires on June 1st, but you will also get a massive 200% up to $2,000 bonus by signing up through RakeTheRake. Along with this, those who sign up at BlackChip will have access to the numerous promotions, including the following:

– $500 New Depositors Freerolls X 14: Those who make a first deposit at BlackChip Poker are eligible to compete in the daily New Depositors Freeroll for the first 14 days that they are a member. Do the math and you’ll figure out that this is $7,000 worth of freeroll money!

– Play the Pros: Owen “Qtip“ Gaines, Xorc1st, reasons14 and DiscGolf01 are all waiting to play you in the “Play the Pros” offer at BlackChip. You can either participate in freerolls or heads-up poker games to win a seat in the Play the Pros Final.

– Free DragTheBar Membership: You can get free poker training at DragTheBar just by signing up at BlackChip and earning 10 VIP points. To keep this membership going, you need to earn 500 VIP points a month.

– Tourney King: Multi-table tournament players can win lots of bonus cash at the end of the month through Tourney King. You’ll receive leaderboard points for every MTT you play at BlackChip, and the top 100 players gain entry into the Leaderboard Grand Final, where a major land-based tournament prize package is given away.

– SNG Leaderboard: There are tons of SNG players at BlackChip, which is why this site offers an SNG Leaderboard, where the top 25 places earn $10,000 in prize money. There is also an additional $2,000 given out to the top 5 SNG winning streaks.

Tip of the Day: Defining the range of poker hands that people play is extremely important in regards to being a good player. And a great way to practice this is by trying to figure out opponents’ hands even when you’re not in the pot; you do this by looking at their betting patterns and playing history.

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