Party Poker’s Big Draw has over $500k in Free Prizes

Posted on by RTR Rachel

What’s better than winning lots of money and prizes through poker games? How about sitting on your butt, and letting the prizes come to you with little-to-no effort involved. And that’s exactly what you can expect through the Big Draw promotion, which is currently running at Party Poker, and will have offered over $500k in prizes when everything is said and done.

To participate in the Big Draw, all you need to do is play a single raked hand. Once you’ve done this, you’ll receive a ticket for the daily drawing where the prizes are handed out. From there on, you get a ticket for every point you earn at the poker tables, and what’s great is that all of these tickets are re-usable for the following drawings. So basically, you’ll be accumulating tons of tickets through frequent play! Just keep in mind that the Big Draw ends on July 1st, so you’ll want to rack up lots of tickets before then.

As far as the prizes go, here is a look at how many items will be given out during June’s drawings:
– 60 total Apple iPhone 4 16GB

– 60 total Sony Bravia 46” Widescreen TV

– 150 total Apple iPad 2 16GB

– 150 total iPod Touch 64GB

– 210 total LG 22” LCD monitor

– Thousands of Party Poker hoodies, baseball caps and shirts

– Cash prizes, free Big Draw tickets and free points

As if these prizes aren’t big enough, Party Poker is also giving players the opportunity to win even bigger rewards through their Mega Draws:

– June 12th: Caribbean cruise for two

– June 19th: Brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle

– June 26th: Porsche 911 Carrera

It doesn’t take much to get involved in the Big Draw, so anybody can take a shot at winning these massive prizes no matter how much poker they play.

Tip of the Day: Don’t try to outplay people on the final table of a poker tournament by opening up your range and playing out of position. Instead, stick to a tight range of hands, unless you’re one of the shorter stacks who needs to make a desperate move.

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