Get Gold Stacks at Cake Poker and earn Big Rewards

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Every online poker room has their own version of a VIP program, and most of them implement the same boring old system that uses VIP points to issue rewards. However, Cake Poker has a much more interesting VIP program that uses Gold Stacks to determine how many rewards players receive.

The way the Gold Stacks program works is that people earn frequent player points on the poker tables, and these FPP’s fill up your Gold Chip Meter. Whenever your meter fills up, you’ll be rewarded with a Gold Chip; these chips are then used to complete Gold Stacks. So what does all of this mean to you? Well assuming you can complete Gold Stacks, you’ll move up the ladder and on towards bigger rewards. There are 50 levels in all, and here is a look at what you’ll get in the program:

Levels 1-10 – Gold Chips

Levels 11-50 – cash bonuses

The size of your cash bonus or amount of chips all depends on how fast you complete each level. Fortunately, you are guaranteed a prize no matter how fast the level takes to finish, but you’ll definitely benefit by getting the job done as quickly as possible. For example, you get the “Super Turbo” multiplier for completing the stack in three days, and you’ll get the “Turbo” bonus for finishing the stack in 4-6 days.

Since the amount of money you can win all varies, there’s no concrete number at work here. However, it’s worth noting that Cake says players will have earned over $200,000 by default if they’re able to reach level 50. Along with this, remember that you can also get 33% rakeback at Cake if you sign up through RakeTheRake.

Tip of the Day: There is no statistical advantage to running poker hands twice or more. However, if you’re like most poker players and hate variance, you can appreciate that running hands twice reduces this variance.

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