Poker Nordica offering 100 Seats to $100k Poker Tournament

Posted on by RTR Rachel

One of the hottest poker tournaments in all of online poker right now is MergeGaming’s Weekly $100,000 Guaranteed. Ever since Merge rolled out the $100k Guaranteed in May, thousands of players have been rushing to compete in this massive poker tournament. And the best part about this poker tournament is that you can play in it absolutely free through Poker Nordica’s 100 Seats to the $100k promotion.

To make this huge Poker Nordica tournament one of the free poker tournaments you play in, you need to earn 200 VIP points throughout the week from Monday to Saturday. Assuming you do this, you’ll get to play in the aforementioned 100 Seats to the $100k free online poker promo. After reaching the required amount of points, you just need to visit your account in the poker software and click the “register” button.

As far as the poker tournament details go, the event starts at 15:00 (Sever Time). The top 100 placers in this free online poker event will receive a 100 + $9 ticket for the Weekly $100k Guaranteed. Even if you don’t make it into the Poker Nordica $100k tournament, you can still get in by paying the aforementioned $100 + $9 buy-in, or use 10,900 VIP points.

Speaking of the word VIP, Poker Nordica players can earn some major rewards through the VIP program at this site. There are 11 levels in this program, and the number of benefits and bonuses you get depends on your level. Some of the VIP benefits include entry to free poker tournaments, exchanging points for cash and using points to enter guaranteed poker tournaments.

So if you were at the Light Welterweight level, you could exchange 1,000 points for every $20, and get into a $1,000 free poker tournament. Those at the Super Heavyweight level could exchange 20,000 points for $900, and enter an $8,000 free poker tournament every month. All you need to do is sign up at this room to get the aforementioned bonuses and play in the $100k tournament.

Tip of the Day: When counting your outs for making a hand, you should also consider anti-outs. These are outs that can make your hand, yet they potentially give an opponent a better hand. For example, if you’ve got an open-ended straight draw with 6d-7c on a suited board of 8s-9h-Ks, you can’t count 5s and 10s as outs because they could give somebody a flush.

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