Win €20,000 in Unibet Poker Jackpot Tournaments

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Many people are well aware of the various bad beat jackpots that are offered at different poker rooms. In fact, it seems like just about every online poker room runs this promotion these days. Perhaps that’s why Unibet Poker has chosen to go a totally different route with their jackpot tournaments, where the top prize is €20,000!

If you’re interested in winning a huge €20,000 prize through this online poker room, you should look for the “€20K JACKPOT 1-2-3” and “€20K JACKPOT 3-2-1” jackpot tournaments in the Unibet software. Both tourneys offer a €1,000 prize pool, and the buy-ins are incredibly cheap.

Here is a look at the details of these jackpot tournaments:

– €20K JACKPOT 1-2-3 (€1,000 guaranteed): starts at 19:30 CET,  buy-in is €1, and rebuys and add-ons are allowed.

– €20K JACKPOT 3-2-1 (€1,000 guaranteed): starts at 19:30 CET,  buy-in is €3, and rebuys and add-ons are allowed.

As far as winning the €20,000 poker jackpot goes, you need to win both jackpot tournaments in a single night to unlock this massive prize. But even if you don’t win both tournaments, you can double your total winnings by making the final table of each tournament.

Aside from the MTT jackpot tourneys, another thing you can look forward to at Unibet Poker is earning up to 50% rakeback. This is no doubt one of the highest rakeback offers in online poker, and you can take advantage of the deal until July 31st.

To earn the 50% deal at Unibet Poker, you need to rake as much money as possible each week, and move up in the Poker Club. If you move to the top level of the Unibet Poker Club, you will receive the aforementioned 50% rakeback offer. But even if you only reach the Gold or Platinum level of this online poker promotion, you can still get as much as 30% or 40% rakeback, which isn’t bad by any standards!

Tip of the Day: Rakeback adds 3%-5% to your overall online poker bankroll.

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