Join RPM Poker Hall of Fame and Get Huge Bonuses

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Joining the regular Poker Hall of Fame, which includes such icons as Dan Harrington, Erik Seidel and Phil Hellmuth, takes years of accomplishments and perseverance. Joining the RPM Poker Hall of Fame only takes one month – and you get some major bonuses after making it into their HOF.

The RPM Poker Hall of Fame is a byproduct of the “Overdrive Club,” and you can join this prestigious group through any of the following ways:

A) Play 100,000 real money poker hands in a given month.

B) Play in 1,000 poker tournaments in a month (both SNG’s and MTT’s)

C) Earn 30,000 VIP points in one month.

Obviously none of these ways are a walk in the park, but all three give you a realistic shot at making the RPM Poker Hall of Fame. Playing 100k poker hands is especially appealing to low limit players who grind in the micro stakes every month. High stakes players don’t even need to worry about playing this many poker hands because of the fact that players who earn 30k VIP points can also enter the RPM Poker Overdrive Club.

No matter what route you take towards the Club – whether it be through poker hands or poker tournaments – you will be able to take advantage of some great bonuses, including the following:

– $1500 monthly bonus ($1 for every 75 VIP points)

– No withdrawal fees

– Overdrive Club accolade

RPM Hall of Fame membership and recognition

A couple of key things to note about the Overdrive Club is that you need to keep up with the requirements each month in order to take advantage of the bonuses. So if you played 100k poker hands in a month, you would either need to do that again, or meet the VIP points or tournament requirements. Of course, as you can see from the perks being offered, it’s definitely worth the effort to play for the Overdrive Club membership.

Tip of the Day: Due to the extremely loose play, micro stakes reward tight players who are very patient with their hand selection.

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