10 Poker Terms that are Worn-Out

Posted on by RTR Rachel

One cool thing about online poker is that the game has its own language. Unfortunately, some people only seem to understand one or two poker phrases from this language, which has led to some severely worn-out poker terms. What’s worse is that people are letting these poker sayings bleed into their everyday life. This being the case, here are some poker phrases that really need to be used more sparingly.

1. Sick (or so sick) – The constant overuse of this phrase is enough to make people sick. These days, anything that is slightly out of the ordinary is “sick.” Your pocket kings get cracked by J-T, “It’s so sick.” Your hamburger at a restaurant is really good, “It’s so sick.”

2. Ship It – If you play poker for any considerable amount of time, you’re going to win lots of pots. So is it really necessary to say “ship it” after every single pot?

3. “Hello [insert name]” – This is one of the most oft-used poker sayings on forums. It arises when everybody is bashing a particular player, and somebody posts something positive about the person. So if we were bashing Jared Bleznick and somebody piped in with, “He’s a great player,” an annoying person would eventually write, “Hi Jared.”

4. Donkey – As far as poker sayings go, this one used to be kind of fun. But this phrase takes a downturn due to the fact that it always seems like the worst players label others as donkeys.

5. Donkaments – This term is used to describe poker tournaments filled with terrible players. But what’s really terrible is the blending of one of the most annoying poker terms with the word tournaments.

6. Tilting – The worst offender by far outside of online poker, people say they’re tilting whenever they don’t like something. For example, “That music video really tilted me.” Few poker phrases are this annoying!

7. One Time – Definitely one of the most useless poker terms, this is even more annoying when people say it three times in session when praying for outs to connect.

8. Coinflip – This isn’t necessarily so overused in regards to poker phrases. However, people think that they’re in a coinflip every time they call with Q-J vs. K-T. This is not a coinflip! The person with Q-J is at a 10% disadvantage.

9. IMO – Stolen from pre-teenagers who spent all of their time chatting through instant messenger (pre-Facebook), IMO has been relocated as one of the most annoying poker terms. There’s no need to say this after giving your opinion because we all know it’s your opinion.

10. I Run so Bad – Either you’re suffering through some long-term bad variance, or you are just plain bad. The sooner people realize this, the quicker they’ll stop overusing poker phrases like I run so bad.

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