PKR Poker Running 2011 Super Series

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If you’re like 99% of the online poker population, you don’t have thousands of dollars laying around for plane tickets to Las Vegas and buy-ins for WSOP poker tournaments. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel like a nerd who wasn’t invited to the party since PKR Poker is running some fantastic poker tournaments of their own in the 2011 Super Series.

Sure you won’t be rubbing elbows with Erik Seidel or Liv Boeree in these poker tournaments; however, you’ll still get the chance to play for some major cash. And what’s really nice about these poker tournaments is that the buy-ins range from just $8.40 to $35. So you certainly don’t have to be rich to play in the 2011 Super Series.

But before you hop into any of the 2011 Super Series poker tournaments, make sure that you sign up for the 30% rakeback deal at PKR Poker. With this being said, here is a look at some of the events you’ll be able to play in during the Super Series:

June 27th $10,000 EXP Super Series Rebuy – buy-in is $8.40

June 28th $10,000 EXP Super Series Turbo Triple Chance – buy-in is $16.50

June 29th $10,000 EXP Super Series Bounty – buy-in is $22

June 30th $10,000 EXP Super Series Just Antes – buy-in is $22

July 1st $10,000 EXP Super Series Speed – buy-in is $22

July 2nd $6,000 EXP Super Series PLO – buy-in is $22

July 3rd $35,000 EXP NLHE Super Series Main Event – buy-in is $35

In addition to the big prize pools, PKR Poker will also be offering Super Series bracelets to everybody who wins an event. So looking at this from a broad perspective, you can win major money, take advantage of rakeback, and win online poker’s version of a gold bracelet through this big PKR Poker event.

Tip of the Day: Never treat a tournament like it’s your only chance at poker. Instead, take advantage of +EV situations, and if you get knocked out, buy into another event.

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