What is Rakeback?

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One common misconception about online poker is that only the top players make lots of money. But in reality, you don’t have to be the best player to earn major poker money if you take advantage of good bonus deals like rakeback.

Upon first hearing about this deal, many people ask ‘what is rakeback?’ Is it the same as poker cash back? Or is it entirely different? In actuality, rakeback and poker cashback aren’t a whole lot different from each other, but rakeback is often a much better deal. This being said, here is a look at the specifics of rakeback.

What is rakeback?

In cash games, online poker rooms take a cut of each pot (usually 5%) as a fee for running the games. This 5% fee of the poker money is what’s known as the rake. So you have to be better than the average player in order to make a profit in online poker due to the rake.

However, if you sign up through an affiliate site like RakeTheRake, you can take advantage of a rakeback deal. More specifically, we get a commission for referring you to a poker site, and we then pay you a percentage of this commission based on the rake you generate. So to answer the question of what is rakeback, it involves you getting a percentage back on the rake paid from your poker money.

To put this into an example, let’s say that you have a 30% rakeback offer at an online poker room, and you generate $1,000 in rake throughout the month. Using this example, you would get $300 back in poker money. Assuming you did this every month, you’d earn an extra $3,600 in poker money throughout the year!

So to sum things up, next time an online poker player asks you ‘what is rakeback,’ just tell them that it’s a very good thing.

Tip of the Day: When reading poker books, keep in mind that poker strategy is constantly changing. So be sure to hit the forums and possibly invest in coaching too.

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