InterPoker Bad Beat Jackpot worth over €1 Million

Posted on by RTR Rachel

Even if spending hours pouring over poker strategy and training videos isn’t your thing, there’s an alternative route to getting rich with the game: play for the bad beat jackpot at InterPoker. Right now the bad beat jackpot is worth over €1,066,000, which means somebody is in for a real nice payday!

Actually, several people will be in for a nice payout since the InterPoker bad beat jackpot pays multiple players once the requirements are met. To break down the payouts, 35% of the money goes to the person who suffered the bad beat, 17.5% goes to the hand winner, 17.5% goes to the other players who were dealt into the hand, 10% goes to the Boss Media network, and 20% goes towards funding the next jackpot.

So in the case of the current €1,066,000 bad beat jackpot, €373,100 would go to the bad beat sufferer, €186,550 would be paid to the pot winner, and €186,550 would be split amongst the other players.

In regards to details about the jackpot at InterPoker, you need to meet the following requirements to be eligible to win:

– Both pocket cards must be used in the winning and losing poker hands.

– Play poker at the bad beat tables (obviously).

– The losing hand needs to be quad 10’s or higher, and the winning hand needs to be quad jacks or higher.

– Four or more players need to be dealt into the hand.

– At least $0.50 needs to be generated for the jackpot.

Moving away from the jackpot prize, it’s also worth mentioning that InterPoker offers 30% rakeback to new players. As long as you sign up through RakeTheRake, you can take advantage of this great rakeback offer. And the rakeback will help out quite a bit as you play for the huge jackpot prize.

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