Everest Poker – Play for $125k Free

Everest Poker is giving players a chance to compete for $125,000 total through their Everest Poker International Cup (EPIC) event. And the best part about this promo is that people don’t even have to spend a dime to play!

The first aspect of this promotion worth discussing is that EPIC is offering $50,000 worth of freeroll poker tournaments, where $25,000 in cash and 10 Everest Poker International Cup prize packages are given out. If you’re interested in playing these free poker tournaments, here is a look at the poker satellites schedule:

– Free EPIC Feeder: runs 5X daily, top 10 players advance to Weekly EPIC poker satellites.

– 5 for 5: runs on Thursday and Friday, entry involves earning 5 Summit Points on 5 out of 7 days.

– Weekly EPIC: takes place every Sunday at 19:15 GMT, buy-in is 5 Summit Points, top 25 players advance to EPIC direct entry.

– Fast Track to Alicante: runs daily at 19:15 GMT, ONLY for new players, top 10 players advance every day.

– EPIC Direct Entries: August 1st and 29th at 20:00 GMT, direct buy-in is 25,000 Summit Points, 1st-50th place earn $500 each, 1st-10th place receive $2,500 prize packages.

In regards to the $2,500 Everest Poker International Cup prize packages, these earn you a spot in the $75,000 live tournament that Everest is holding in Alicante, Spain. In addition to this, your hotel stay at the Gran Casino de Alicante will also be comped through the prize package.

Everest has already run four of these live poker tournaments in the past, and each one has been a success. And now you have a free chance to play in the live EPIC tournament, where $75,000 and beautiful Alicante, Spain await.

Tip of the Day: While live and online poker tournaments don’t differ much in terms of actual play, you should still learn a few physical tells before playing live. For example, if somebody looks at their chips immediately after looking at their cards, they have a good hand and want to bet.

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