How To Earn Rakeback

After people get past the initial question of what is rakeback, online poker players start to ask how they can earn rakeback. And the answer to this beginners poker question is that you need to start by visiting an affiliate site like RakeTheRake. But before we get into this further, those totally in the dark about what is rakeback should visit this page.

Now that we’ve covered the beginners poker topic about what is rakeback, let’s get back to the subject of how you earn extra poker money this way. As mentioned before, you need to visit an affiliate, and sign up for the online poker room you’re interested in through this site. Of course, many people think that they can get rakeback directly through the poker room, which isn’t true and is a huge beginners poker mistake.

Since you know how to avoid the biggest beginners poker mistake when going for rakeback, you should also know that the rest is all plain sailing from here when earning the bonus poker money. You just need to play poker, and generate rake on the tables to get your rakeback.

For all of those beginning players who are still wondering about what is rakeback and didn’t visit the aforementioned page, here is how rakeback works. If you have a 35% rakeback deal and you rake $100 throughout the day, you would get $35 back in poker money at the end of the day (or whenever payments are made).

As you can see, rakeback is very beneficial to players, and is an excellent way to make extra poker money. After all, it’s important to take advantage of as many deals as possible to generate poker money aside from the actual hands you play. Now that you know the importance of rakeback and how to earn it, the next step simply involves playing as much as possible

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