Free Poker Training and Rakeback through RakeTheRake

Posted on by RTR Rachel

It’s no secret that one of the top ways to learn poker is by seeking out poker training. By going through a training site, you can watch videos made by online poker pros, and possibly even get some one-on-one coaching in the process.

But as you may have guessed, free poker training isn’t exactly in abundance since people don’t spend hours creating these sites as a hobby. However, that doesn’t mean you should jump right into anything, and pay some enormous fee to learn poker through these sites. Instead, a better option is to try out some free poker training courtesy of RakeTheRake.

To take advantage of this free poker training and learn poker from online pros, you simply need to create an account at RakeTheRake, and look for the “Free Training” button in your account. By clicking this button, you will receive a 14-day membership to DragTheBar without having to spend a penny. If you find this free poker training helpful and want to continue using it to learn poker, you can opt for a full membership afterward.

In addition to the poker training, another thing you can do through your RakeTheRake account is sign up for online poker rooms, and take advantage of the rakeback deals they offer. RTR has an extensive list of online poker sites that offer rakeback, and you can take a full look at each site through this section too.

Now if you’re sketchy as to exactly what is rakeback, you can look at this section to find out what the benefits of this deal are. But as a short synopsis, these deals enable you to get money back on the rake you pay at online poker sites.

So if you’re looking to get free poker training, and earn money back on the online poker rake you pay, create a RakeTheRake account and get started.

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