PokerStars 65 billionth hand prizes, as well as rakeback!

PokerStars is celebrating the 65 billionth hand played by its poker players and that means there’s cash prizes to be won!

Players dealt into Milestone Hands, from the 64.7 billionth to 65 billionth, will receive cash prizes. These will be awarded at $50 each plus an additional $50 per VIP Player Point earned in the preceding 50 hands. Wow.  This could stack up to be a lot of cash.

E.g. A player who’d earned 24 VPPs in preceding hands would get: $50 + (24 x $50) = $1,250. Plus the player that wins the hand has their money doubled.

And there’s still more…the 65 billionth hand players will be awarded the Mega Milestone payout.  It’s exactly the same as the Milestone hand, but ten times as much! The winner of this special prize also has their money doubled AND receives a bonus of $65,000!

The next Milestone Hand is estimated to take place today, with prizes for up to the next eight days and the Mega Milestone Hand is estimated to be on 25 July.

With over 300 Milestone Hands and another Mega Milestone payout for players, as well as your usual rakeback – get playing at PokerStars!

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