Rake Free Poker at Party Poker

A couple of weeks ago, Party Poker made big news by announcing that they would be running rake free poker tournaments. And in case you’re wondering, Party Poker is still running their rake free poker tournaments. Seeing as how every other online poker room charges at least 5-10% in tournament fees, you are getting an incredible advantage by playing in the Party Poker tournaments.

For example, if you played in a $100 buy-in multi-table tournament, you would need to spend an additional $10 in rake. However, with the rake free poker tournaments, you can kiss the extra $10 fee goodbye. So even if you’re only slightly better than the average online poker player, you would still be showing profits.

The single downside to the rake free poker tournaments is that they’re only being offered for a limited time. And there’s no definite date on when Party Poker will begin charging rake again, so it’s strongly advised that you hurry to take advantage of this unprecedented promotion.

Now you may be wondering what in the world you’re supposed to do at this online poker room once the rake free offer ends. Well if you sign up through RakeTheRake, you’ll still be able to reduce the tournament rake you pay by up to 50%. The reason why is because anybody who signs up through RTR can recieve up to a 50% return at Party Poker.

The return also works if you’re looking to play in Party Poker’s biggest events such as the Summer Million, which offers a $1 million prize pool. To get into this massive poker tournament, you can either pay the $640 buy-in, or enter through one of the many satellites currently being offered.

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