Top 10 Reasons to Play Online Poker

While online poker is an excellent game that offers players the chance to make ridiculous amounts of money, you may be on the fence about whether or not playing is a good idea. This being said, here are 10 reasons that will hopefully put you on the right side of the fence.

1. You can make a living in your underwear – If you’re looking for a job where you can roll out of bed without showering, shaving and putting on clothes, online poker is the perfect game. Just make sure you learn plenty of poker tips so you’re good enough to make money, rather than lose it.

2. Playing cards for money is fun – Not too many recreational games give you the opportunity to make a substantial amount of money. But online poker does, and you can have a lot of fun in the process while you’re making money.

3. Poker is a skill game – Unlike most forms of gambling, which amount to praying to the heavens and relying on lucky numbers, poker sees the most skilled players make money over the long-term.

4. You can earn rakeback – Online poker rooms charge a small fee (rake) so they can make money off of the games. However, you can get a major discount on rake by taking advantage of rakeback. For more on this great deal, take a look here.

5. Make your own hours – Along with playing in your underwear, another big benefit to online poker is that you get to set your own hours. After all, there’s no nagging boss to force you start working at 8 a.m.

6. Earn big bonuses – As if having the opportunity to win tons of money in the regular poker games isn’t enough, you can also collect huge bonuses by playing online poker.

7. Play across the globe – Poker tournaments are held in lots of fantastic locations across the world, and you can win prize packages to these events through online poker sites. In many cases, it only costs a dollar to play for these live tournament seats.

8. Become famous – Those who excel at online poker often gain fame among their peers. And if you start playing well in land-based tournaments, you’re bound to gain some international fame as well.

9. Become a millionaire – We’re not going to lie to you: not everybody will become a successful player. However, it’s worth noting that some people have become millionaires through online poker.

10. Get on TV – Some of the bigger poker sites sponsor poker TV shows, and they also run promotions where people can win a spot on these shows.

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