PKR Poker rakeback running Main Event TV

Some people may find the new promotion by PKR Poker a little misleading because it’s called “The Main Event (TV),” but it has nothing to do with Vegas’ Main Event. Instead, the Main Event is an online poker tournament, and it’s said to “offer the best structure anywhere.”

As far as the structure goes, the Main Event happens on the first Sunday of every month, and it convenes on Monday night. The great thing about this setup is that it allows people who have to work Monday morning/afternoon to resume the Main Event at night. Contrast this to other Sunday multi-table poker tournaments where the tournament doesn’t end until the wee hours of Monday morning.

Moving past the structure and on to the bigger details, the Main Event starts at 18:00 GMT, and runs until 12:30 GMT; the tournament then resumes at 18:00 GMT. Other things you should know about the Main Event is that it offers a $25,000 guaranteed prize pool, and charges a $35 buy-in. But if you find the $35 buy-in a little too steep, then you can always opt for one of the satellites that are being offered. Here is a look at the satellites:

Main Event Lottery (day of Main Event) – $1.84 buy-in, 1 in 20 players are selected from the lottery to play in the tournament.

Mega Speed Rebuy (day of Main Event) – $1.55 buy-in plus rebuys, 20 seats are guaranteed for the Main Event.

Satellites (run several times a day) – $5.50 buy-in, 1 in 7 players qualify for the Main Event.

In addition to the $25,000 prize pool, you could also appear on PKR TV since the Main Event is recorded for PKR’s television show. Also, you can earn a 30% rakeback deal by signing up at PKR through RakeTheRake.

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