Paradise Poker Bad Beat Jackpot pays €1.26 Million

After months of going unclaimed, the Paradise Poker bad beat jackpot was attracting a frenzy of online poker players. So it’s certainly no surprise that A) this bad beat jackpot hit a record €1,265,583 ($1,802,696) amount, and B) somebody finally won this massive prize.

The jackpot, which draws money from Boss Media sites like Paradise, InterPoker and Virgin Poker, was hit on a €0.50/€1 holdem poker table. “OmgoMgomGo” held K-K, versus the A-A combo held by “7Adellaida7” on a flop of A-9-K; the turn was a K, which put OmgoMgomGo in the lead, but 7Adellaida7 spiked an ace on the river to take the hand with quad aces.

After losing the hand, OmgoMgomGo collected the largest share of the bad beat jackpot at €442,954 ($630,943), while 7Adellaida7 earned the second largest share at €221,477 ($315,429). Also, seven other players shared in the prize, which amounted to €31,639.57 ($45,066) a piece for each player.

As mentioned before, this is the largest bad beat jackpot prize in online poker history. The previous record was held when a $1.2 million jackpot was released at Carbon Poker, but the Paradise Poker prize exceeds this amount by over $600k.

Since the jackpot has now been won, Paradise Poker and Boss Media will reset the prize back to €250,000. Anybody who wishes to win the current hand needs to be aware that the bad beat loser needs to hold at least four-of-a-kind 10’s, while the hand winner needs to hold quad jacks or better.

In addition to these basic qualifications, online poker players need to ensure that they’re on a designated bad beat table, be in a hand where four or more players are dealt in, and ensure that at least €0.50 in rake has been collected. One last requirement worth mentioning is that both hole cards must be used in the winning and losing hands for the Paradise Poker bad beat prize to be unlocked.

Moving away from the jackpot for a moment, it’s also worth mentioning that Paradise Poker offers a 30% rakeback deal to players who sign up through RakeTheRake.

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