Betfair Poker rakeback running “Great Locker Room Heist”

Betfair Poker is running a promotion called the Great Locker Room Heist, which should interest people from many walks of life. Getting into the specifics of the Locker Room Heist, this promo is going to offer the winners a chance to pick the football jersey of their choice, and 150 jersey are still available. More importantly, three lucky players will win a Manchester United jersey that’s signed by the entire team.

Assuming you’re interested in winning a jersey signed by some of the world’s greatest football players, you just need to sign up at Betfair Poker and start playing in their poker games. Don’t forget that if you sign up for Betfair Poker rakeback through RakeTheRake, you can get a 100% up to $2,500 bonus at Betfair. Once you’ve signed up, you only need to earn a single Player Point in any of the qualifying periods to play in the finals (where the jerseys are given away).

Earning one Player Point is extremely easy, so you should have little trouble qualifying for the three finals that are still running. For example, if you played in a $2 + $0.20 SNG or MTT, you’d have the one Player Point that was needed to qualify. Speaking of all this qualifying talk, here are the remaining three periods left:

August 8th – August 14th, final is held on September 7th
August 15th – August 21st, final is held on September 9th
August 22nd – August 28th, final is held on September 11th

Each of the finals held in September will be offering 50 football jerseys, and as mentioned before, the top 50 players in every final get to choose their jersey. And the signed Manchester United jerseys will be going to the winner of each final, so there’s definitely some incentive to go beyond just making the top 50 players.

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