InterPoker Rakeback and Bonuses offered for Cracked Aces

As most poker players know, pocket aces is the best possible hand that a holdem poker player can be dealt. That’s why it hurts so bad to lose with pocket rockets! Unfortunately, you don’t get any prize for losing with aces – unless you’re playing at InterPoker.

InterPoker, which is famous among online poker players for their 30% InterPoker rakeback deal, is running a promotion called the €15,000 Magic Hands Honey Pot. One of the big bonuses that the Magic Hands Honey Pot will be giving out is a €50 bonus to anybody who has their pocket aces cracked three times within the promo period. In addition to this, Magic Hands will also pay a €50 bonus to anyone who’s dealt a royal flush, and a €25 bonus to players who are dealt a straight flush.

The bonuses will continue to be paid out to players until all €15,000 is given out through the Magic Hands Honey Pot. Other general requirements include that hands must be played on 12c/25c (No-Limit, Pot-Limit) and 25c/50c (Limit) Texas Hold’em tables or higher, and you need to email InterPoker about presumed wins.

Along with these requirements, there are also some additional guidelines that InterPoker has set forth with each bonus. These requirements include that both hole cards must be used (all three hands for cracked aces bonus), the hands must be played on a real money table, the hands must be played to the showdown, and a minimum of 4 players need to be dealt into a bonus hand.

Before you go chasing bonuses in the €15,000 Magic Hands Honey Pot, don’t forget to take advantage of the 30% rakeback deal and 200% up to €1,000 bonus that InterPoker is offering RakeTheRake players. Assuming you don’t know much about rakeback, you can find out more right here.

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