Beginners Poker Training at RakeTheRake

When a person starts out in online poker, learning strategy can become a blur. After all, there are tons of different concepts and levels of poker strategy one must master before becoming a complete player. But if you’re looking to overcome the initial beginners poker barrier and develop into a great player faster, watching poker training videos definitely helps speed up the process.

If you’re interested in playing better online poker by watching training videos, a good place to start is RakeTheRake. When you create a free RakeTheRake account you can also sign up for free training at DragTheBar. Seeing as how it doesn’t cost any money to create an account at RakeTheRake, this is a perfect opportunity to watch poker training videos, and see if they help your game.

Furthermore, if you don’t find the DragTheBar membership beneficial to your game, you can walk away. Of course, there are plenty of beginners poker players who do enjoy the DragTheBar membership because this site offers a video library with over 1,000 selections, and 30 professional coaches. Expanding on the coaches, DragTheBar features some of the top online poker players creating these videos, which means people are getting first-class advice

Now that the poker training videos have been covered, it’s also worth mentioning how those who have a RakeTheRake account will have access to lots of different rakeback deals. When you sign up at an online poker site through RakeTheRake, you’ll be able to join the room of your choice, and earn money back on the rake you pay poker rooms. For example, if you sign up for one of the 50% rakeback deals, you’d reduce a $100 + $10 tournament buy-in down to $100 + $5.

Assuming you want to know more about rakeback deals and how rakeback works.

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