Poker Heaven has Rakeback and Fantasy Football

It’s a new year for the Premier League, and fantasy football enthusiasts are gearing up for another season. Assuming you’re big on fantasy football, then you should seriously consider joining the league that Poker Heaven is running because they’re giving away cash prizes, poker tournament tickets, and “spot” prizes to the top players.

The best part about playing in Poker Heaven’s fantasy league is that it’s completely free, so you’re getting a free chance to win poker rewards. And if you already like fantasy football to begin with, this is just an added bonus! Moving along, those who want to get into Poker Heaven’s league should follow these steps:

1. Sign up at Poker Heaven through RakeTheRake. By signing up through RakeTheRake, you’ll get a 200% up to €1,000 bonus and 30% rakeback.
2. Open a Fantasy Premier League account, which costs nothing to do.
3. Create a team name, and draft 15 players to make up your squad.
4. Look on the left-hand side of the Fantasy Premier League website, and choose the “Leagues” option.
5. Click “create/join,” enter 1241552-283596 when prompted to, and choose “Join Private League.”
6. After you’ve joined Poker Heaven’s fantasy football league, opt-in to the league through the Player Zone.

Once you have chosen to opt-in, your team will score points during each football game (score depends on how well your team plays). Players who score the most points throughout the month will earn the biggest prizes. And speaking of prizes, here is a look at what players can win:

Cash Prizes – 1st place receives €100, 2nd place receives €75, and 3rd place receives €50.

Monthly Prizes – The monthly points leader gets €50, and a ticket for the €50,000 Free Qualifier on the last Wednesday of the following month; all top 10 monthly players receive a ticket for the qualifier.

Spot Prizes – These are special, one-off prizes that will be offered at random points during the Fantasy Premier League season.

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