Rakeback Pros

Most beginning online poker players assume that, in order to make money playing the game, a person has to be heads above the competition. And while it definitely pays to know as much poker strategy as possible, one of the biggest things that online poker pros rely on is rakeback. If you’re not familiar with rakeback, here is a quick look at the subject.

Many people who make a living with poker are simply rakeback pros; in other words, they break even on the poker tables (when rake is taken out), but they earn so much money in rakeback that they turn a profit. And this certainly distorts many people’s image of what online poker pros are like since it’s commonly believed that they are all amazing players.

Assuming you’re interested in becoming one of the successful rakeback pros out there, one thing you should know is that these people always play a large volume of hands/tournaments. After all, the rake that online poker rooms take only amounts to 5% in cash game pots and 10% with poker tournament buy-ins, which means your rakeback per hand/tournament isn’t going to be life-changing.

However, if you play cash games for six hours a day, you’re going to be getting in at least 700 hands. Assuming you multi-table, you’re going to be getting in double or triple the amount of hands each day. And if you had a 30% rakeback deal, this is going to mean major money on a regular basis.

But no matter how much poker money you’re making through rakeback, it’s still going to pay to learn lots of poker tips too. This is especially true for new players who don’t have much experience on the poker tables. As you pick up more poker tips and start to turn a profit in games, you’ll make a ton of money when rakeback is thrown into the equation.

For those interested in starting on the path towards becoming one of the game’s rakeback pros, here is a look at some of the top rakeback deals.

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