Get Cake Poker Rakeback, enter Footie 50 Challenge

People already have plenty of incentive to sign up at Cake Poker since they’re offering a 33% rakeback deal to new players. So if you bought into a $100 + $10 poker tournament, you’d get $3.33 in rakeback. Moving past the nice rakeback offer at Cake Poker, they’re also giving players the opportunity to play in an interesting football-themed event called the Footie 50 Challenge.

Seeing as how the Premier League and many of the world’s other major football leagues are in full swing, the Footie 50 Challenge comes at the perfect time. The first aspect to this challenge is that Cake will be increasing their Monday $3,000 Guaranteed (R&A) to $5,000 throughout September. The big benefit to this is that there are normally only around 150 people who pay the $30 + $3 buy-in to enter this tournament; so you’ll be competing against a very small field for the extra $2,000 in prize money.

As if the extra $2k isn’t enough, every Monday $5k Guaranteed will offer 50 seats for a $2,000 Football Freeoll that takes place on the following Monday. And the great thing about each $2k Football Freeroll is that the field is limited to the 50 people who win seats in the Monday tournament. Considering how the top 10 get paid, that means 20% of the participants are going to earn money.

In regards to the schedules, the $5,000 Guaranteed (R&A) runs on the following dates:

Monday, September 12th – 6:30pm GMT
Monday, September 19th – 6:30pm GMT
Monday, September 26th – 6:30pm GMT

The $2,000 Football Freeroll schedule is as follows:

Monday, September 17th – 1:00pm GMT
Monday, September 24th – 1:00pm GMT
Monday, October 1st – 1:00pm GMT

Don’t forget that if you sign up at Cake Poker through RakeTheRake, you’ll receive a 110% up to $600 bonus, and the aforementioned 33% rakeback deal.

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