How to increase your poker earnings on top of rakeback

So, you’ve got your rakeback deal in place, or maybe you’re just finding out what rakeback is, but you’re definitely looking for a better return on your poker game.

Well the great news is that most online poker players can get some sort of loyalty reward, be that a VIP program which earns you points, prizes or cash, or be it a rakeback program which returns hard cash to your account.

But there’s yet more! When you’re registered to an affiliate like RakeTheRake you not only join VIP programs, secure the best rakeback deals and have access to the biggest monthly promotions anywhere, but you can also earn even more cash on top of these every single month by referring your friends.

Referring friends is simply a way of saying ‘Hey buddy, I’ve joined this rakeback program and I am getting money back every month, even when I don’t win. And it’s all completely free to sign up to. Why don’t you check it out too?’ It’s precisely what you’d do when you see them but made simpler and quicker by doing it via email, social networks like facebook and twitter and via your own blog or site. And of course you can still refer them by telling them when you see them too!

The two main benefits of you recommending your friends to join is that you do them a favour by getting them some free poker cash and that you then get paid a percentage of their net rake as additional free poker cash for yourself (it’s not taken from their rakeback though). Does it sound to good to be true? Maybe it does. But it IS true and there really isn’t any catch.

Learn more about the different ways to refer friends, or register an account to make referrals here. Start earning some extra monthly cash $$$!

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