Poker Cashback Basics

If you pay much attention to credit card companies, then you’ve probably heard of a “cashback” offer. Even if you doze off during credit card commercials, the term’s name is pretty self-explanatory in that people receive money back on purchases with these offers. Many online poker sites have taken a cue from credit card companies, and now feature their own version of cashback plans.

With poker cashback, players receive money back at various intervals based on how much rake they contribute. For example, if a player at Carbon Poker has a 10% cashback offer, and they contribute $100 in rake during a particular day, they’d receive $10 back by the end of the day.

One important thing to understand with poker cashback is that the amount received all depends on a person’s status within the VIP/loyalty program. Using Carbon Poker again to illustrate this, cashback varies based on if a person is at the Earth (6%), Wind (7.5%), Fire (10%), Water (15%) or Ether (35%) level. So at the entry Earth level, players are only getting 6% poker cashback, while those at the Ether status are getting a healthy 35% deal.

Seeing as how poker cashback deals often vary depending on how much a person plays, it’s generally recommended that beginners poker players strongly consider sites with rakeback. A rakeback deal is very similar to cashback since players receive money based on how much rake they pay; however, the twist is that it’s a flat rate offer. So if you had the 30% rakeback offer at InterPoker, and you paid $100 in rake, you’d get $30 back no matter if you were at the lowest or highest VIP status. For more on rakeback, check this out.

Overall though, you can’t go wrong by taking a good cashback or rakeback deal. But depending on how much online poker you play, it’s important to take your average volume of poker hands into consideration when choosing between the two. As mentioned before, most beginners will benefit more from rakeback since it’s offered at a flat rate, and this deal doesn’t discriminate against casual poker players.

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