Earn PKR Rakeback, play MTT Super League

Proving that their promotions are just as innovative as the 3D software, PKR is running a new MTT Super League that will enable players to compete in 10 different multi-table poker tournaments for just $11.

To reserve a spot in the MTT Super League, players just need to pay the low $11 buy-in by September 20th at 16:00 GMT. Of course, if you aren’t a member of PKR, you’ll need to complete the signup as well. And if you do sign up, make sure to do so through RakeTheRake since you can get PKR’s 30% rakeback deal, and a 100% up to $800 signup bonus.

Once you’re registered for the league, you will compete in 10 MTT’s for cash prizes and $1,000 worth of WPT tickets. If you finish within the top 30 spots on the Super MTT leaderboard, you’ll receive one of the following prizes:

1st place – $270 WPT Ireland Final Stage satellite entry
2nd-10th place – $59 WPT Ireland Semi-final Stage satellite entry
11th-20th place – $13 WPT Ireland Stage 2 Satellite entry
21st-30th place – $10.50 WPT Ireland Lottery Semi-final entry

To earn points towards the leaderboard, you need to finish within the top 200 spots in any Super MTT League tournament. And this league will really test the overall poker prowess of a player since a variety of different events are offered, including Holdem poker, Pot-Limit Omaha, Deep Stack, Speed, and Double Chance.

This being said, a schedule of the different events is shown below, and you need to register for each individual tourney in the PKR lobby (all events start at 18:15 GMT):

– September 20th Super League #1 No Limit Holdem
– September 22nd Super League #2 Pot limit Omaha (6-max)
– September 25 Super League #3 Deep Stack
– September 27th Super League #4 Speed
– September 29th Super League #5 No Limit Holdem (6-max)
– October 2nd Super League #6 (w/ Antes)
– October 4th Super League #7 Deep & Steep
– October 6th Super League #8 Pot limit Omaha
– October 9th Super League #9 Double Chance
– October 11th Super League #10 Deep Stack (6-max)

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