Best Rakeback Site

When it comes to rakeback, many poker players wonder if there is a best rakeback site, or one that’s far superior to the rest. Unfortunately, there’s no clear-cut answer to this question since there are a host of factors that you need to look at when determining the best rakeback sites.

The most obvious factor to look at is the size of the rakeback deal that an online poker site is offering. Not all rakeback deals are created equally, and the bigger offer you find, the more money you’re going to get back at the end of the month.

To illustrate how important the size of a rakeback deal is, let’s look at an example where you have a 30% deal at one site, and 50% rakeback at another poker room. If you bought into a $100 + $10 tournament at both sites, you’d receive $3 back with the 30% offer, and $5 back with the 50% deal. Now a $2 difference might not be that much if you were only playing one poker tournament, but it can make a major difference when you start playing lots of tournaments and cash games.

Of course, you can’t have tunnel vision when looking for the best rakeback site because there are other factors that need to be considered too. Most notably, what other bonuses are poker sites offering besides the rakeback deal? Some poker rooms will feature a good rakeback deal, only to skimp out when it comes to promotions and big guaranteed tournaments. And in the end, this will really hurt the overall value of a rakeback offer. So a key thing that you need to look for is a rakeback poker site that also runs a solid VIP program, and features new bonuses and promotions on a monthly basis (or at least bi-monthly).

Another major thing to consider here is the player traffic. Obviously this affects the size of tournaments and guaranteed prize pools, but it also has an impact on how easy it will be for you to find full cash game poker tables. Assuming you’d rather spend your poker time playing instead of sitting in the lobby waiting for action, look for a rakeback site with decent player traffic.

Closing this discussion out, be sure that the rakeback poker site you choose has good customer support and software features as well. These overlooked perks will enhance your poker play quite a bit.

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