RakeTheRake Free Poker Training Benefits

If you’re looking to get better at online poker and make more money with the game, then poker training is a great way to go since you get to watch strategy videos made by skilled players. Taking this point a step further, it’s even better when the poker training you’re receiving is free. Assuming you’re interested in free poker training videos, then you should take a few minutes to open an account at RakeTheRake.

Once you’ve opened an account at RakeTheRake, you’ll receive a free two-week trial to DragTheBar, which is one of the top poker training sites in the industry. Furthermore, you will also get to enjoy the following benefits of this free poker training:

– DragTheBar has over 1,000 poker strategy videos in its library. And while you can find plenty of poker strategy videos strewn all over YouTube, you never know who’s making these clips. On the other hand, DragTheBar is full of videos made by some of the top online poker players, which leads us to the next point.

– There are currently 30 professional poker coaches at DragTheBar, which means people will be learning from a variety of instructors and playing styles. Furthermore, DragTheBar is a business, so they only hire the best poker coaches in order to bring in more customers. In short, you can expect some pretty high quality poker strategy videos here.

– DragTheBar poker training videos cover a variety of disciplines, including holdem poker, limit holdem, SNG’s, MTT’s and Omaha. So no matter what poker game you’re planning on specializing in, you can find something of value at this poker training site.

Above all though, the main benefit you’ll get from the DragTheBar two-week trial is the fact that it’s free. The only thing you have to do is create the aforementioned account through RakeTheRake, and you’ll get to try out this poker training site.

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