Rakeback Pros and how to become One

There are three main ways to become a professional poker player: 1) dominate the competition in live poker, 2) dominate the competition in online poker, and 3) be a solid online poker player who earns part or all of their profit from rakeback. The large majority of professional poker players fall into the third category, where they heavily depend on rakeback to make a living.

These people are called rakeback pros, and this represents the best option for the average grinder who’s hoping to transition to the game full-time. With this being said, many online poker players want to know what the necessary steps are to joining the ranks of rakeback pros. And here is a look at how players accomplish this feat:

1. Find some great rakeback deals – The first step to becoming a rakeback pro is to find the best rakeback deals. And the best/only place to find them is at poker affiliates who offer these deals. It’s important to understand that you can’t get a rakeback deal directly through a poker site, so you have to sign up through an affiliate to secure your rakeback offer.

2. Learn poker strategy – One of the allures of being a rakeback pro is that players could theoretically lose money on the poker tables, yet still make a living through rakeback. However, it’s important to note that even rakeback pros have to be near break-even players – if not better – to earn enough profits. In short, you still have to be a good poker player to make it as a rakeback pro, so learn as much poker strategy as you can, and don’t forget that RakeTheRake members get free poker training.

3. Build a nice bankroll – Online poker is full of variance swings, and if you don’t have a big enough bankroll to survive these swings, you could temporarily be knocked out of the game after a downswing. So before you go rushing off to become a rakeback pro, you need to build a sufficient bankroll first. At the minimum, you want to have 20 buy-ins (100BB X 20) for the no-limit cash game level you’re playing. For example, if you played $1/$2 NL holdem poker, you would need at least $4,000 to survive any bad variance. You can get a boost your bankroll by referring friends.

4. Multi-table – Unless you play high stakes poker, you need to multi-table in order to become a rakeback pro. After all, multi-tabling lets you play lots of poker hands in a short amount of time, and earn far more rakeback too. The lower the stakes you play, the more tables you’ll need to play to be profitable. Of course, you should never multi-table unless you’re beating one table first, so start with this and work your way up.

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