Online Poker Rarely a Problem says French Study

Some people tend to demonize online poker and other forms of gaming because these activities are said to promote addiction. But in reality, gambling addiction affects a very small percentage of the population, and a recent French study proves this.

The study was a joint result of work done by the Observatoire Français des Drogues et des Toxicomanies (Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction), and French Institut National de Prévention et D’éducation pour la Santé (National Institute of Prevention and Health Education), and it sought to find out what percentage of the French population had a problem with online poker and other forms of gaming.

This study used surveys and other factors to determine that 600,000 people had a “gambling problem,” which is only 1.3% of the French population. Furthermore, only 200 of the 600,000 problem punters were deemed to have a serious “gambling addiction.” Those who fell into the problem range spent €1,500 or more of their income on gaming, and their borderline addiction was usually accompanied by smoking, drinking and/or drug use.

Basically, the results of this study mean that 98.7% of the French population is able to control their online betting tendencies. In addition to this, the study participants were very good at balancing their spending habits between entertainment, online gaming and living expenses.

Interestingly enough, France still has some of the world’s highest traffic numbers at their segregated PokerStars and Party Poker sites. Seeing as how they have very few problem gamblers, they must be winning a whole lot of money. Of course, PartyPoker’s 50% rakeback deal probably helps out a lot with this since players are being paid back half of the money they spend in rake. And by taking advantage of the best rakeback deals, online poker players have a much better chance of winning money in the long run.

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