Beat PokerStars Pros through RakeTheRake

Every online poker player has dreams of one day beating the top pros, and making a name for themselves in the poker world. Fortunately, that “one day” can come sooner rather than later through the Team Online Freerolls that PokerStars is running.

Team Online Freerolls will run on the first Sunday of every month, and they’ll feature different members of Team PokerStars Online. Assuming you sign up at PokerStars and make a deposit, you’ll be entered into the $1,000 Team Online Freeroll. And keep in mind that this is in addition to the $5,000 freeroll you can get into at PokerStars when you sign up through RakeTheRake.

What’s nice is that there’s also a $100 Team Online Freeroll for those who create an account at PokerStars, but don’t make a deposit. So this is an excellent opportunity for online poker players to build a bankroll when they can’t make a deposit right away.

As for the Team PokerStars Online members who you’d be competing against, Randy “nanonoko” Lew, Adrienne “TalonChick” Rowsome, Anders “Donald” Berg and Shane “shaniac” Schleger are some of the players involved. If you’re able to knock any of these players out of the aforementioned free poker tournaments, you’ll receive a special bounty prize too.

Going back to the PokerStars pros, Randy Lew is considered one of the best, if not the best, multi-tablers in the history of online poker. He has routinely multi-tabled 24 poker tables , and he’s achieved Supernova Elite status at PokerStars four years in a row. Anders Berg was one of the first people to join PokerStars, having done so in 2001, and he has won three bracelets in the WCOOP event. Adrienne Rowsome is one of the best female players in PokerStars history, having final tabled the Women’s Sunday tournament three times, and she’s made hundreds of thousands of dollars online.

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