Top 10 Ways to Learn Poker

Improving at online poker is often looked at as a collective subject, when in fact, there are lots of different ways to get better at the game. That said, here are the top 10 ways to learn online poker and become a better player.

  1. Poker Training Videos – As with anything, it always pays to learn poker from a professional when you have the opportunity. And poker training videos certainly give you this opportunity because training sites employ top professional players to create strategy videos. Assuming you’re interested in learning poker strategy through poker training, you can get free poker training from RakeTheRake.
  2. Poker Coaching – Another outlet for learning poker from the best includes poker coaching, which involves contacting a pro player and having them teach you the game. Most poker coaching these days is done through screen sharing, where the pro watches you play online poker through a shared screen, then gives you tips and hints after the session. Please note that poker coaching can be expensive in many cases so be prepared.
  3. Read Poker Strategy Articles – For beginners poker players who are totally new to the game, reading poker strategy articles online is a great way to get better. After all, you can read strategy articles at your own pace, and there are a lot of pieces that cover the basics. Just make sure you read these articles with discretion because not all of them are written by knowledgeable players.
  4. Watch YouTube Videos – If you’re looking to learn poker free, you can always visit YouTube and watch some of the videos that other players post. By watching poker YouTube videos, you can get a good visual on how to play poker better. But just like with articles, you need to watch them with discretion.
  5. Poker Forums – In addition to being able to meet fellow online poker players here, poker forums are great for learning strategy from others. What’s particularly nice about a poker forum is that you can post a hand history, and more experienced players will give you advice on what you did right and wrong.
  6. Get Rakeback – Getting rakeback isn’t necessarily a method that’s going to help you improve at poker, but it’s still worth saying that you should sign up for a rakeback deal while learning the game. Rakeback saves you a lot of money, and this is crucial when you’re starting out in online poker since you probably won’t be earning many profits.
  7. Creating an Online Discussion Group – If you’ve met some fellow players through online poker, you can form an online discussion group with them to talk about strategy. Many players like to communicate through Skype or other instant messaging services in discussion groups.
  8. Watch a Friend Play – Assuming you know somebody who’s a decent poker player, you can always watch them play online. And if they don’t mind you hovering over their shoulder, you can ask for a few poker tips in the process.
  9. Frequently think about Online Poker – When you don’t have access to any poker strategy materials or your laptop, you can still improve at the game just by thinking about it. For example, if you’re stuck at a boring movie with a friend or significant other, you can think about what you did right and wrong in a certain online poker hand.
  10. Play Free Poker – This is a tip for absolute beginners because free poker doesn’t exactly offer the greatest competition. However, you can practice some basic strategy in free online poker games in an environment where you don’t have to put real money on the line.

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