Online Poker Training at RakeTheRake

In the early days of online poker, people didn’t have the luxury of sitting back and watching knowledgeable poker pros giving them video training tips. In fact, most players were thrilled if their bulky desktop computer could even keep up with the online poker site where they were playing.

Fortunately, times have changed and online poker training is more readily available now than ever. And this means that you should be taking advantage of this service to better your game – especially when the poker training is free!

Currently, players who create an account at RakeTheRake, and clicks the DragTheBar button will receive a free 14-day trail at one of the leading online poker training sites. DragTheBar has 30 professional poker coaches, and this includes many of the top players in the internet poker world. There are well over 1,000 poker training videos on DragTheBar, and at least 40 videos are added each month.

Assuming you sign up through RakeTheRake and take advantage of this deal, you’ll have access to the site for 14 days, and you can then choose whether or not you want to keep the service after this period. Considering that DragTheBar has some of the best online poker training videos on the internet, there’s a good chance you’ll consider keeping the membership.

Going back to the RakeTheRake account, don’t forget that this gives you access to all of the great rakeback deals at various online poker rooms. For example, if you sign up at Party Poker through RakeTheRake, you’ll receive their 50% rakeback deal. And if you were to play in a $100 + $10 poker tournament afterward, the $10 rake fee would be cut down to $5. There are a host of other great rakeback deals that you can find by checking out RakeTheRake.

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