PokerStars has New Time Poker Tournaments

For decades, poker tournaments have worked like this: players compete while blind levels increase, and the winner is whoever collects all of the poker chips in the end. But PokerStars is changing the whole tournament scene with their brand new Time Tourneys.

Instead of operating based on blind levels – where tournament blinds increase to 100, 200, etc. – Time Tourneys end when a preset time limit is up. Whenever the time limit runs out, the player with the most poker chips is declared the winner, and the total prize pool is divided among all remaining players.

As for the time length, it will be set from15-180 minutes, and players can choose what time limit/tournament they want in the PokerStars software. Another nice thing about the Time Tourneys is that the buy-ins range from $1 on up, so players of all bankrolls will be able to enjoy these totally innovative tournaments.

The obvious perk to playing in Time Tourneys is that the structure really helps out those who are short on time. Contrast this to normal tournaments, where you have to sit and play poker until you’ve either busted out or won the event.

PokerStars pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier is very excited about the Time Tourneys as he said, “Time Tourneys are going to be so much fun. I often want to play a tournament but don’t have hours to spare, so these are just perfect. I think Time Tourneys are also going to be intense, because as the clock ticks down there’s going to be even more action. I can’t wait to get playing them.”

Keep in mind that the Time Tourneys happen every Saturday at PokerStars, and they will most likely be expanding to the regular tournament lineup as time goes on.

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