WPT Poker Rakeback, World Domination

Through their new World Domination promotion, WPT Poker has found a very interesting way to combine a fun game with a promo that offers tons of money. As the name implies, World Domination sees online poker players try to conquer as many cities as possible by playing poker, and anyone who conquers all 72 cities will receive a $100,000 prize.

This promotion runs from November 7th to December 31st, and all you have to do to collect cash and freeroll entries is start earning WPT Points within the eight-week timeframe. You’ll conquer the first city after just 5 Points, and you receive a subsequent city for every 10 WPT Points earned. Keep in mind that there’s a limit of conquering 100 cities in one day (many of the cities will be repeats).

Prizes vary depending upon what city, country, and/or continent you conquer. For example, if you conquer Warsaw, you’ll receive $1; but if you were to conquer Berlin, you’d receive $20. Likewise, conquering all of the cities in Mexico earns you $200, while conquering England nets you a bigger prize of $1,500. As mentioned before, the top goal is to conquer all 72 featured cities, in which case you’d receive a massive $100,000 payout.

The freeroll entries are definitely worth discussing too since there are nine different free poker tournaments you can get into. The World Domination freerolls are listed below:

  • Hyderabad – $10,000 Freeroll, 08/01/12 @ 14:00 ET (20:00 CET)
  • Hamburg – $8,000 Freeroll, 07/01/12 @ 14:00 ET (20:00 CET)
  • Mar del Plata – $7,000 Freeroll, 07/01/12 @ 15:30 ET (21:30 CET)
  • Perth – $6,000 Freeroll, 06/01/12 @ 15:30 ET (21:30 CET)
  • Miami – $5,000 Freeroll, 06/01/12 @ 14:00 ET (20:00 CET)
  • Naples – $4,000 Freeroll, 05/01/12 @ 15:30 ET (21:30 CET)
  • Newcastle – $3,000 Freeroll, 05/01/12 @ 14:00 ET (20:00 CET)
  • Tijuana – $2,000 Freeroll, 04/01/12 @ 14:00 ET (20:00 CET)
  • Vancouver – $1,000 Freeroll, 04/01/12 @ 15:30 ET (21:30 CET)

One more thing that you should take into account is the WPT Poker 50% rakeback deal that’s on offer when signing up through RakeTheRake. Assuming you’re interested in playing World Domination, the 50% rakeback will pay you back half of the rake that you generate on the tables.

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