How Much Rakeback can you Earn?

As many online poker players are aware, rakeback is an excellent way to make extra money at the poker tables. Rakeback deals give you back a percentage of the rake that you have to pay online poker sites, and can provide a really nice boost by the end of the month.

Of course, many cash game players want to know exactly how much rakeback they can earn just to get an idea of what their profits will look like. And the answer all depends on which online poker rooms you play at, what game you play, the table sizes, and your playing style. Let’s take a closer look at all of these aspects so you can try to come up with an accurate estimate on how much rakeback you will earn.

Limit or No Limit Poker – Some players assume that No Limit poker games offer more rakeback than Limit games. However, this is not usually the case because Limit poker sees people play more hands since they often get the correct pot odds to call. The reason why is because the betting limits encourage more callers, and more players in a pot means better odds to chase your draws. However, in No Limit poker, most players wait longer for quality hands, and so they don’t bet as much money. Furthermore, there are a lot of folds in No Limit poker because the bigger bets give people incorrect odds to chase their draws. In short, expect more rakeback as a Limit poker player.

Playing Style – This point doesn’t need much explaining because aggressive players who get involved in more pots are going to make more rakeback money than a tight player who doesn’t bet much, or play many pots.

Number of Players on Table – If you’re playing on full poker tables, then you’ll be making far less rakeback than those who play on shorthanded tables and/or heads-up. On a smaller table, you will be seeing a lot more hands, and be contributing quite a bit more rake assuming you aren’t overly-tight.

Rakeback Deal – Much like playing style, this factor is fairly self-explanatory since the larger your rakeback deal is, the more money you’ll receive back. For example, if you play at Party Poker, which offers s 50% rakeback deal, you’ll be making far more than at most other online poker sites. Of course, you should also keep in mind the poker site’s VIP program and other deals when considering what rakeback offer to take.

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