Harvard University uses Poker to Teach Students

For all of those who don’t think that online poker is a thinking game, consider this: the prestigious Harvard University is using poker to teach law school students courtroom skills. More specifically, Professor Charles Nesson has formed a “Poker Strategic Thinking Society” that seeks to train students to consistently read their opponents and make positive expected value plays.

Nesson believes that poker strategy concepts like bankroll management can be applied to all walks of life so people properly manage their money. He even thinks that grade school children should be taught poker games so they develop these skills as he said, “Absolutely. I mean…it’ll get me in trouble for it because people say, ‘Oh my god, the kids being taught gambling.’ But, yes, absolutely.”

One of Nesson’s students who has really embraced this unique teaching perspective is Brian Koch. The first year law student was a professional online poker player before entering Harvard Law School, and has also played in the WSOP*. He was quoted as saying, “Sometimes you’re gonna have bad outcomes. If you keep taking the 51% chance over the 49% chance over a large enough sample, over a long enough time, that’s going to come out in your favor, and you’re going to end up better off.”

Of course, not everybody in Nesson’s law program was a professional poker player. Such is the case with Hector Ramos, who had only played poker a handful of times before enrolling in Nesson’s class. He stated, “All of us have a little fighter in us, but we have to know when it is time to fight, and when it is time to back away. Whether you’re a lawyer litigating or a businessman trying to find a deal, these skills apply to everything you do in life.”

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