Winners of RakeTheRake Thanksgiving Freeroll Frenzy

Congratulations to all RakeTheRake players who placed and/or cashed in the 16 Thanksgiving freerolls we ran in November.

With 16 freerolls over the four days there was a lot of activity going on and it sounds like even those of you who didn’t win had a lot of fun with it. That’s what we like to hear!

So now for the RakeTheRake Wall of Fame, for those extra prizes we threw in…

Hidden Turkey Promotion Winners

Firstly the winners of our highly prestigious Hidden Turkey promotion each win a RakeTheRake hoodie and are placed in finishing order as follows using their RakeTheRake names:

  1. UrAllSmurfs, from the Ukraine
  2. ItsNevereasy, from the Ukraine
  3. Oleg, from the United Arab Emirates
  4. Kristina, from the Ukraine
  5. MrFista, from Germany

3 further winners were drawn to win RakeTheRake t-shirts:

  1. DeJvX. From Slovenia
  2. JeremyDanger, from the USA
  3. matt.j458, from the USA

Winners of cash bonus prizes

$500 cash bonus!
UrAllSmurfs from the Ukraine, won an additional $500 bonus reward for taking first place in the RakeTheRake Thanksgiving 2 freeroll and first place in the RakeTheRake Thanksgiving 3 freeroll, both at Americas Cardroom, qualifying them for the £500 bonus prize.

It’s worth mentioning that UrAllSmurfs also took 15th place in the RakeTheRake Thanksgiving 4 at Americas – nice work UrAllSmurfs!

Bonus hoodie
kosmosa from Bulgaria finished in the top 5 of more than one freeroll, earning a RakeTheRake hoodie.

Thanks everyone for making the Thanksgiving freerolls such fun and watch out for our Christmas promotion coming very, very soon!

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