Alexa Fisher is 8-Year-Old Poker Prodigy

Alexa Fisher may be well over a decade away from legally being allowed to play online poker or in  a casino, but that’s certainly not stopping her from playing wherever else she can. In fact, the 8-year-old American poker prodigy reportedly knows how to play 50 different poker games, and she has some poker tournament experience as well.

The child grinder first learned how to play poker at the age of 3 when father Justin Fisher taught her the basics. After learning both the rules and strategy for holdem poker by age 5, Fisher picked up other poker games such as Omaha, PLO, Badugi and Crazy Pineapple.

Apparently, the whole basis behind Alexa Fisher learning so many poker tips is that her father wanted a unique way to teach her math. Now Fisher’s poker abilities have sparked something much bigger since she’s become immersed in the game at a very young age. When asked if she wanted to go to Disneyland, Fisher reportedly begged her parents to take her to the WSOP* instead, where she landed autographs from players like Greg Raymer.

Justin Fisher seems very confident in his daughter’s abilities as he said, “I know Alexa could play poker with the best players in the world and definitely hold her own. I also know she would be more than comfortable playing the professionals at the large buy-in events that many top name players are known for.”

While it will be a very long time before we know for sure how Alexa would handle playing against top professionals such as Daniel Negreanu, Sam Trickett and Phil Hellmuth, she has certainly faired well against local competition in the San Antonio, Texas area. Currently, the 8-year-old is allowed to play in charity poker tournaments that aren’t held in casinos, and she managed to take sixth place in one of them. Assuming she keeps up her play, maybe we’ll be seeing Fisher starring in the WSOPE in 10 years.

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