Victoria Coren asks how to find Best Poker Player

Victoria Coren is certainly one of the UK’s most respected casino poker players since she’s cashed for $1,476,668 in tournaments, and has earned a 2006 EPT European Poker Championship title ($941,513). Interestingly enough, Coren is also a very talented writer who writes for major UK publications like The Observer and The Guardian newspapers. In a recent Guardian column, the poker tournament pro posed a very interesting question: How do you find the best player in the world?

Coren’s first thought was the supposed tried-and-true “duplicate poker” game, which sees players at the same position on different hands dealt the exact same poker hands. Whoever plays their hand the best will be awarded the most points, and this cuts out the luck factor. Or does it? As Vicky Coren writes regarding duplicate poker, “Of course, this still has its flaws. Your opponent might shove with an underpair and a rival opponent might not; doesn’t mean you’ve played better. If he hits a set, you’ve still got unlucky; if he doesn’t, you’ve still got lucky.”

She continued giving her view on the age-old debate about how to find the best poker player by writing the flaw behind every major method used today:

– For all-time poker tournament winnings, she writes that players’ losses aren’t recorded.
– For most final poker table appearances, she says that a player could’ve just played more tournaments than everybody else.
– As for the best online poker player, Coren writes that it’s a totally different game than casino poker.

In short, there is no easy way to label somebody the “best poker player.” You might as well claim that whoever earns the highest rakeback is the top player since you can come up with a flaw for pretty much any method. Getting back to the point, which is Coren’s article last month, you can read all of her thoughts on the matter here.

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