Lebanon becomes Online Poker Haven

Traditionally, the Middle East is not exactly known as a hotbed for online poker players since most countries in this region have restrictions on the game. However, Lebanon has become a big exception to this rule because they offer people the freedom to play poker at will.

This being said, players from abroad like the US’s Samer Khoury have moved to Lebanon in an effort to play online poker and earn rakeback; Khoury was quoted as saying, “I’m here to study Arabic, and exercise my freedom to play online poker.” There are a few casinos throughout the country such as Casino du Liban where pros like Khoury can find soft competition in live poker. Sure players won’t be fooled into thinking that the Lebanese casino poker scene is on par with Las Vegas, London or Macau, but with easy money floating around, who cares?

Moving to the downside of playing online poker in Lebanon, many sections of this country experience power outages and/or internet connection disruptions. For a serious grinder who plays hours of internet poker every day, this can be a huge problem. Moving away from the potential playing stoppages, most foreigners don’t speak Arabic like Khoury, which makes it hard to communicate with Lebanese residents. Add in the cultural differences for most foreigners, and this is enough to think twice about bolting for greener online poker pastures.

However, it should still be noted that Lebanon is certainly an interesting destination for professional online poker players who are looking to play at the biggest sites like Party Poker, where RakeTheRake players can get up to 50% rakeback deal. This is one of the top rakeback deals in the internet poker world, and if you were to play in a $100 + $10 poker tournament, you’d receive $5 back with the high end of this deal.

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