Poker Rakeback for Mixed Martial Arts Fans

There are plenty of mixed martial arts fans throughout the world, and some of these same people also love online poker. So PKR has found a way to cater to those who enjoy both activities through their close association with BAMMA (British Association of Mixed Martial Arts).

PKR has already run a number of MMA-themed poker promotions to award players with BAMMA tickets and the opportunity to meet fighters. This being said, PKR poker players have gotten to meet such BAMMA greats as Tom “Kong” Watson, Bob “The Beast” Sapp and Alex “Reidemator” Reid, while also getting to watch lots of big fights.

The latest PKR deal resulted in 100 internet poker players winning a prize package to attend the December 10th BAMMA event in Nottingham. These players won the opportunity through a simple prize drawing, and they got to watch eight fights, meet fighters and congregate with BAMMA staff members. Seeing as how PKR is the only online poker room currently offering unique MMA deals like these, fight fans should definitely consider playing here.

This is especially the case when you take into account how the site offers 30% rakeback to new PKR players who sign up through RakeTheRake. Rakeback is an excellent way to earn additional money while playing online poker because it pays back a percentage of the money you spend on rake. For example, if you played in a $30 + $3 (rake) poker tournament, the rakeback deal would pay you back almost $1 of this buy-in.

Besides the rakeback, another big point worth making about PKR is that they have some of the most innovative poker software in the game. You can design a life-like character to take to the poker tables, and everything from hair color to face shape is available as options. You can also play poker in a number of unique table and backgrounds settings, which really adds a lot of fun to the PKR online poker experience.

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