Poker Heaven Rakeback and Free Gifts

While Christmas has been over for quite a few days now, you can still get plenty of free gifts at Poker Heaven via their “January Sales” promotion, which runs throughout both January and February. Some of the prizes you can win in January Sales include cash, iPods, iPads, Beats headphones, Xbox 360’s and more.

To get started on your way towards winning these prizes, you need to log into the PlayerZone, and click the “Activate Offer” button under the prize you want. After doing this, it’s simply a matter of hitting the poker tables and earning the required amount of FPP’s to receive your prize. Once you’ve earned a prize through January Sales, it will be delivered within 30 days.

As for the prizes and FPP requirements, here is a look at some of the merchandise you can play poker for:

– One €50k Headhunter tournament ticket, 5,000 FPP’s
– Poker Heaven polo shirt, cap and chipset, 8,000 FPP’s
– €150 cash, 9,000 FPP’s
– 16GB Nano + Iwatz Strap, 12,000 FPP’s
– Monster Beats headphones, 13,000 FPP’s
– Three €50k Headhunter tournament tickets, 16,000 FPP’s
– 64GB iPod Touch, 21,000 FPP’s
– 250GB Xbox 360 and Xbox Kinect, 24,000 FPP’s
– €500 cash, 30,000 FPP’s
– 64GB iPad 2, 40,000 FPP’s
– Live poker tournament entry of your choice (€6,000 seat plus €2,000 spending money), 48,000 FPP’s

Players can choose to play for several gifts at once, and you won’t lose any FPP’s after winning a prize. You should also keep in mind that if you sign up at Poker Heaven through RakeTheRake, you’ll be getting 30% rakeback, which will help out a lot when chasing after the aforementioned bonuses.

One final thing we’d like to mention is the Rakes & Ladders promo running at Poker Heaven from now until January 23rd. As long as you rake at least €10 within this timeframe, you’ll receive free casino money. And once you’ve wagered the free casino money 25 times over, it’s yours to cash out. Here is a quick look at how much free casino money you can get with your rake from now until the 23rd:

Rake €10-€49.99 – Get €10 free
Rake €50-€249.99 – Get €25 free
Rake €250-€999.99 – Get €50 free
Rake €1,000-€4999.99 – Get €100 free
Rake €5,000 and up – Get €150 free

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