New RPM Poker Promotions in January

If you want to ring in the New Year right, RPM Poker is a great place to do so since they’re offering several big promotions in January. Getting right into the new RPM Poker promotions, Knowledge January gives players the opportunity to win a free poker training membership at SharkScope and/or LeggoPoker. You must opt-in to play for free poker training at both of these sites, and the SharkScope membership requires that you play 750 SNG’s with $2.20 buy-ins or more. As for the LeggoPoker membership, you need to play 15,000 real money poker hands (any stakes) throughout January.

Players can also double their VIP points in January by either playing 5,000 real money ring game hands, or 200 SNG’s with at least a $2.20 buy-in. To start this promotion, you need to opt-in and email the RPM manger when you reach the target goal; once you’ve done this, the double VIP points will be yours.

Jammin’ January is yet another promotion happening at RPM Poker, and this one enables you to set up private rake free poker tournaments for just you and your friends. Along with this, there are a number of daily promotions running during the month, and here’s a look at those (all of these require an opt-in):

Burnout Monday – Play 10,000 ring game hands (any stakes) and get a free $100,000 Guaranteed seat ($109 value).

Talladega Tuesday – Play 2,000 poker hands at any stakes during January and get a $10 bonus credited to your account.

Wheelin’ Wednesday – Earn double VIP points all day on Wednesday after you’ve opted-in.

Turbocharged Thursday – Play 100 SNG’s at any stakes and get a $200 bonus applied to your account.

Pit Crew Friday – Get double VIP points while you play poker on Fridays.

Supercharged Saturday – Collect 300 VIP points and receive a free $5,000 Guaranteed seat; earn 750 VIP points and get an $11 satellite ticket along with the $5k Guaranteed seat.

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